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Allen & Heath ha presentado SQ-7, la nueva consola insignia de 33 faders en su serie SQ de 96kHz. Siguiendo al reciente lanzamiento de SQ-5 y SQ-6, el nuevo SQ-7 toma el mismo poderoso motor XCVI 96kHz FPGA y agrega control extendido y E / S en un formato más grande, con 33 faders, 32 a bordo preamplificadores, 16 teclas programables personalizadas y 8 controles giratorios suaves definibles por el usuario.





Mezcla digital de última generación

Basado en el aclamado motor de audio FPGA XCVI 96kHz de Allen & Heath, el mezclador digital SQ-7 ofrece una amplia capacidad de mezcla de sonido en vivo. Incluso con su potente procesamiento, el SQ-7 ofrece la mejor calidad de audio en su clase con menos de 0.7 ms de latencia. Tendrá mucha flexibilidad a la hora de crear mezclas de monitores, con hasta 12 mezclas estéreo (grupos o auxiliares) además de la salida LR principal. Los ocho motores estéreo de efectos proporcionan efectos de calidad de estudio, con devoluciones dedicadas. Completo con una interfaz de audio USB de 32 x 32 y controles dedicados para la conveniencia de mezcla, el Allen & Heath SQ-7 es una solución de mezcla inteligente para música en vivo, sonido de adoración e instalaciones educativas.

Un mezclador capaz que está listo para expandirse

De inmediato, el mezclador digital SQ-7 ofrece 48 canales de entrada. Tiene 33 faders para mezclas prácticas, organizados en seis capas de faders para administrar mezclas más grandes. El SQ-7 también ofrece un puerto SLink para audio y expansión remotos. Y un puerto de E / S de 64 canales está listo para la integración de audio de red.

Gestiona mezclas grandes fácilmente con la mezcla automática de micrófonos

Cuando esté mezclando una configuración de múltiples micrófonos, encontrará que las capacidades de mezcla automática de micrófonos del SQ-7 son una gran ayuda. También es una «red de seguridad» fantástica cuando se confía en voluntarios sin experiencia para administrar el sistema de sonido. Con la Mezcla automática de micrófonos, puede estar seguro de que nunca experimentará un desequilibrio excesivo entre los niveles de los micrófonos en las grandes aplicaciones multimic.

Interfaz de audio incorporada y E / S integral

La grabación multipista es simple con el Allen & Heath SQ-7, con su interfaz de audio USB 32 x 32 incorporada. Los ingenieros de Sweetwater también aprecian la conveniencia de la grabación directa en una unidad USB. También está presente un puerto de E / S de 64 canales para conectarse a la red de audio. Y un puerto SLink permite la expansión remota de audio y E / S.

96kHz XCVI Core

SQ is driven by Allen & Heath’s 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine, delivering exceptional high-resolution audio quality, ultra-low latency of <0.7ms and variable bit depths for optimised dynamic range. XCVI is the next-generation foundation that allows SQ to handle high channel counts at 96kHz, with massive mix headroom thanks to a 96bit accumulator, and the sheer power to embed our acclaimed DEEP plugins into all 48 input channels and all mixes.

DEEP processing ready

SQ’s DEEP processing architecture allows owners to hand-pick boutique compressor and preamp emulations to suit their style and needs. DEEP plugins can be embedded directly within the mixer’s inputs and mix channels, all without adding system latency or setup hassles. 

The Ultimate IEM Mixer

With no less than 12 stereo mixes and super-low latency, and both parametric and graphic EQ on every mix, SQ-7 is the perfect companion for in-ear monitoring setups. SQ’s airline-friendly compactness and rugged build quality mean there’s no reason to gamble on house monitor consoles again.

Packed with I/O

As the largest model in the SQ series, SQ-7 also packs the highest number of onboard preamps and built-in output sockets, and being SQ, everything is freely and individually patchable. There are 32 pristine XLR mic or line inputs, along with a talkback input that can serve as an extra input when needed. There are also 3 stereo line inputs that can be used as mono inputs, two using ¼” TRS jacks, and one on a 3.5mm mini jack for convenience. Any combination of direct outs, FX or Mix outputs can then be routed at will to the SQ-7’s 16 XLR, 2 TRS jack and stereo AES digital outputs.

Expandable up to 48 mics

Thanks to its SLink intelligent port, SQ-7 can be expanded up to a total of 48 mic inputs via a family of 96kHz and 48kHz rack and stage box expanders (e.g. AB168, AR2412, AR84 and DX168), making it a flexible solution for owners of other Allen & Heath digital systems. You can even connect to another SQ, Qu or dLive system for two way audio patching.

Dante, Waves and more

SQ is the centrepiece of a growing ecosystem of apps, expanders, audio networking, personal mixers and more, allowing you to connect, adapt and expand to your heart’s content. It’s compatible with leading audio networking standards too – add an audio networking card such as Dante or Waves to SQ’s I/O port and you’re ready to integrate with installed systems, provide a digital FoH / Monitor split and more.


Flexible multitrack recording

The integrated SQ-Drive makes it quick and easy to capture a 96kHz multitrack or stereo recording of the show direct to a USB key or drive. No software setup, no soundcard driver issues and no extra laptop to bring to the performance. SQ-Drive is also a smart way to manage walk-in music.

Also provided is a built-in 32×32 96kHz audio interface for multitrack recording, backing tracks or virtual soundcheck applications. The interface is Core Audio and ASIO compliant and comes complete with MIDI and DAW control capabilities.


Advanced AMM

SQ-7’s advanced automatic mic mixers (AMM’s) make it a natural choice for mixing conferences, panel talks and TV shows. They’re fully integrated in the mixer too, with no extra latency, so you don’t need to route the audio to an internal DSP rack or an external plugin system. Two fully independent 24 channel AMM’s can be utilised for two separate zones or combined into a single 48 channel AMM for larger events.

Designed for the pro

We know that the live environment can be tough on gear – that’s why we devised our most punishing regime of testing and retesting yet for SQ. From its 3-tier, all metal chassis to its extruded aluminium light bar, SQ has tremendous strength and rigidity underlying its good looks.

The Mixing Experience

We think that you should decide how the mixer operates, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve packed SQ with options that let you design your own workflows. Channels and mixes can be individually dragged and dropped to any strip, with custom naming and colour coding on the displays, so you’re in full control of the layout. SQ-7 features assignable 16 SoftKeys and 8 Soft Rotaries with LCD displays, so you get to choose which functions you always want at your fingertips. Each strip features our patented Chromatic Channel Metering system, giving at-a-glance level indication using variable brightness and colour. A ‘channel to all’ mix button instantly accesses all send levels and assignments for the selected channel.

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